3 Video-Swing Dance Review

Gary and Bonnie present an overview of the patterns covered in their basic Jitterbug swing dance class

YouTube Videos - You need to have a broadband connection,

YouTube Part 1/3
- Patterns 1-6

1. Basic Step (Partnered Frame) and ¼ turn
2. Basic Step (Open Frame) and ¼ turn
3. Outward Turn
4. Outward Turn and return
5. Handshake
6. Out and back, ¼ turn

YouTube Part 2
- Patterns 7-11

7. Helicopter
8. Cuddle and step back
9. Cuddle, step back and out
10. Cuddle and sliding door
11. Pick pocket

YouTube Part 3/3
- Patterns 12-16

12. Under, back and out
13. Sugar push
14. Walk and kick lite
15. Ron and Rita
16. Bonus Move

Quicktime Video - Same video as above, but all in 1 segment, and in Quicktime format.

You need to have Apple's free Quicktime player installed on your computer.

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it's just a screen capture from the video