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This website contains information about
Gary & Bonnie Glidewell's    Ballroom Dance Classes,
in the Hughesville, Muncy and Williamsport, Pennsylvania area.


Fall Hughesville Classes:
Beginner (4 step) Hustle   6:30       Silver Fox Trot 7:30

Winter 2020 Hughesville Classes:
Beginner NC2      6:30                Intermediate Waltz 7:30

Spring 2020 Hughesville Classes:
Beginner Jitter Bug  6:30               Intermediate Cha Cha 7:30

For any useful information send an email to: BGDance@comcast.net

Registration for Community Education Program sponsored by:
East Lycoming School District
Name __________________________________________________________
Street Address or Route:    __________________________________________
City     ___________________________________________________________
Phone            ___________________________________________________________
Course #        _____________________ Title    ___________________________
Amount Enclosed    _____________________________________Check or Cash
Use one form for each course. Return with payment to:
East Lycoming Schools, Community Ed. Program, 349 Cemetery St. Hughesville, PA 17737
Make checks payable to: East Lycoming School District
*No confirmation will be sent *Report to first class session* If low enrollment registered participants will be notified and their money returned.